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Junior School

Limitless Learning

Vision and Aims

Ringwood Junior School Vision Statement

‘Limitless Learning’


We are committed to achieving the best for all our learners within an ethos of support, care and high expectations.


We aim for learners to:


  • Find happiness and fulfilment in leading a worthwhile and healthy life
  • Believe in themselves, have growing self-confidence and communicate effectively
  • Be reliable, accept responsibility and develop moral standards
  • Form meaningful and secure relationships, managing their emotions constructively
  • Think for themselves, be flexible, cope with change and be willing to take risks in moving from the known to the unknown
  • Enjoy learning, participating actively and rise to challenges, finding solutions to problems
  • Be independent, seize opportunities and make informed choices and decisions
  • Be creative, value individuality and celebrate diversity and difference
  • Work harmoniously with others, collaborating and co-operating towards a common goal
  • Embrace technology and use it constructively and safely to enhance daily living, work and leisure


We are committed to:


  • Striving for continuous improvement in all we do
  • Working together towards common goals for the benefit of all
  • Providing opportunities for the continuous professional development of all staff
  • Raising standards in all aspects of school life


We shall achieve this by:


  • Placing learning at the centre of a curriculum that is engaging, challenging, relevant and enjoyable
  • Involving children fully in their own learning as active partners whose voice is influential in determining direction and purpose
  • Identifying the needs of each learner to provide personalised programmes to secure progress, achievement and full participation
  • Challenging children to aspire to higher levels of learning by ensuring teaching is always of the highest quality
  • Recognising barriers to learning for all children and planning effective intervention strategies so that all can achieve their potential
  • Giving time for children to reflect and evaluate their learning so that they understand how they can achieve improvements
  • Being ever mindful of the need to provide a safe and secure environment where children’s well-being is paramount and they know they matter
  • Providing a quality environment with a wide range of resources and enhanced by new technologies fostering choice and personal response
  • Engaging parents meaningfully as co-educators in their children’s education and providing regular quality information which conveys high expectations
  • Recognising that, from time to time, some families and children need additional support and greater understanding so they can continue to make gains in their learning
  • Maximising the involvement of external agencies, partner schools and the local community, in ensuring smooth transitions in learning and enhanced educational opportunities
  • Appreciating that learning extends beyond the school day and curricular enrichment broadens horizons and contributes to well-rounded individuals
  • Developing the skills required for the world of work and the demands of an ever - changing world, encouraging creativity and enterprise
  • Promoting an ethos of support, care and positive affirmation, where praise and encouragement lead to, and celebrate, success

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