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Christmas Lunch  - December 2021

Bringing 2021 to a great finish, the children enjoyed a festive lunch in the hall together before a special visit from Santa himself. It was lovely to see all the children back together like this and enjoying the festive period.



World Book Day – March 2022

The children embraced the excitement of World Book Day and came in some fantastic costumes sharing their favourite characters and books. It was a great opportunity for them to share with each other, as well as staff, the books that they enjoy and recommend books to their peers.



Scootathon – March 2022

Our school annual fundraising event, Scootathon, took place this term with the children being sponsored to scoot as many laps as possible around the front playground in an afternoon. Year 6 were happy to rise to this challenge and working incredibly hard, individually achieving results that ranged from 50 to 130 laps! The afternoon was a great success out in the sunshine and the children worked well to raise a large amount of money for the school. A special well done to 6LD who raised the most sponsorships in Year 6!



Art: Clay Pots – April 2022

As part of their Y6 art project on Ancient Greece, the children spent the afternoon furthering their learning of 3D form by experimenting with clay and creating their own clay pot. Inspired by the pottery of the Ancient Greeks and by the ceramic work of Lucy Rie, the children designed and created a range of bowls, jugs, vases and pots with a range of creative décor and features. They pottery was created using the pinch and coil techniques and the children worked hard to master these new skills.

Once dry, the children also enjoyed painting their designs.







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