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Limitless Learning

School Strategic Priorities


School Strategic Priorities 2022-2025


Learning Plan


Priority 1:



Implement the new phonics scheme, ensuring staff are fully trained and teach phonics consistently and with fidelity to the scheme. Track the progress of the lowest 20% of pupils using planned interventions to strengthen phonics and spelling strategies.


Priority 2:



Improve pupils’ reading fluency and their ability to understand complex texts by developing speed reading with comprehension. Raise the profile of reading for pleasure and create more opportunities for pupils to read more widely encompassing an interesting range of authors and literature.


Priority 3:



Improve pupils’ confidence in solving increasingly sophisticated mathematical problems by strengthening fluency with number, developing reasoning to explain and prove and by applying mathematics across the curriculum.


Priority 4:

The Curriculum


Strengthen the curriculum by improving the planning, sequencing and retention of key knowledge and identifying the disciplinary knowledge needed to secure strong skill performance and deeper learning. Develop a consistent approach to assessing foundation subjects and tracking progress.


Priority 5:



Formalise the school’s approach to ensuring wellbeing and emotional mental health remains a high priority for all and is further developed into a planned coherent framework underpinning the curriculum.




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