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A Visit from Chris Connaughton – January 2023

It was a delightful start to the new year for Year 6 as they had a visit from author, storyteller and actor, Chris Connaughton. Chris joined the children as part of their mystery writing unit in English.  Engaging them in exciting storytelling and sharing insightful writing strategies and approaches, Chris spent the whole day working alongside the children as part of his writing workshop.

To start the day the children watched in anticipation as Chris shared the famous ghost story, The Upper Berth. Leaving the children on a cliff hanger, he then challenged them to write their own endings while offering support and guidance to the young writers. In the afternoon, Chris then allowed the children to share their endings before telling them the original. The day was then finished with Chris Connaughton’s active retelling of Sherlock Holmes. He then left the children with the challenge of writing the next chapter for Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Return of Sherlock Holmes. The day was incredibly enjoyable and the children were inspired as they started their new English Unit: The Return of Sherlock!

Throughout Year 6, the children enjoy a range of exciting and engaging English units that not only develop their skills as both readers and writers, but also further their understanding of the world around them.

Please enjoy reading some extracts from their work this year:

Macbeth Narrative - Anna


Macbeth Narrative - Siena


Ancient Greek Gods Explanation - Keir


A letter to Lady Macbeth - Megan


An extract from Jackson's Return of Sherlock Holmes


Evolution Explained - Olivia

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