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Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre

At the Ancient Technology Centre, the children of year 4 had a fabulous time learning about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings and the lifestyle in those times. They all worked as a blacksmith’s assistant, which involved shaping metal to make a simple knife, took part in weaving to create a piece of woven willow, which could have been used to make walls or adapted to make baskets and finally used a large two-person saw to cut lengths of wood for firewood.



As part of our geography project about Rivers, Year 4 had an exciting visit to Blashford Lakes Study Centre. Children took measurements in the river, participated in kick sampling and explored aquatic life. They also saw a waterworks in order to help them explore where water comes from and to think of ways they can save water. 




In Art, the children learnt about Roman art. They looked at Roman busts, sculptures and mosaics. They created their own mosaic patterns too. Then, the children looked at the different Roman coins and then designed and created their own Roman coin out of clay. Once their coin had been in the kiln, the children painted them either bronze, silver or gold. We were really impressed with the designs they created.



In DT, children learnt about where our food comes from. Then, we tasted biscuits to see which flavours and textures we preferred before designing and making our own Easter inspired biscuits. The children created biscuits of all different shapes and sizes and added a variety of different flavours from ginger to chocolate chip. Their biscuits were a great success and they thoroughly enjoyed eating them!

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