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Each classroom has an English learning wall. This will display relevant information on the current unit of work, including spelling and grammar information.


Work and information will be added to the wall throughout a unit of work, pupils are encouraged to use the wall to support their learning.




Handwriting Certificates

We pride ourselves on encouraging our children to develop a fluent, joined handwriting style. To support this we have a clearly structured handwriting  programme with certificates our children can achieve.


Bronze Certificate.

Handwriting should show the beginnings of clear, legible writing which demonstrates the ability to join letters correctly.


Class teachers will a award bronze certificate based on evidence in books, once a pupil has achieved bronze they are able to write with a handwriting pen. Certificates are awarded in celebration assembly.


Silver Certificate

Handwriting should be more fluent, clear and legible, letters should be correctly joined with regular spacing and sizing.

To achieve silver certificate children will need to show examples of writing across a range of books to Mrs Marriott. English Manager. Certificates will be awarded in celebration assembly.


Gold Certificate

In order to reach the coveted gold standard children need to have a mature writing style which is clear, legible and neat.


To achieve gold certificate children will need to show Mrs Marriott, English Manager, examples of writing across a range of book. When children are awarded a gold certificate they also receive a special gold handwriting pen. Certificates and gold handwriting pens will be awarded in celebration assembly.


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