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In Year 3 we have been studying the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  We recently enjoyed a day with visitor Matt Russell learning all about the Iron Age.   Dressed in replica Iron Age clothing, Matt shared with us a fascinating insight into Iron Age life.  The children were able to explore and handle a range of real and replica artefacts from the Iron Age to help them gain a better understanding of life at this time.  During the afternoon the children completed their Iron Age warrior training and decorated shields which they were then able to take home with them.

Year 3 have been puzzling over the mystery of Otzi the iceman and we have been thinking about how archaeologists have learnt about life during Neolithic times from studying Otzi and the belongings that were found with him.  The children were able to hold replica artefacts and thought carefully about how they may have been used by Stone Age people.  They were much more ingenious than we first thought!  How and why Otzi came to remain in the ice is a mystery but the children in Year 3 had some excellent theories.






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