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Quotes from Ringwood Parents

"I would like to thank Miss Thornton and her amazing team who have supported my son over his time in your school. From day one of him arriving to the school you have supported him protected him and nurtured him into becoming the strong and happy amazing boy he is today. You wrapped your arms around him protected him and never let go. All the support groups he attended the extra work you did to help him to fit in, you gave him the skills to enable him to make friends, you have changed his life. He was a frightened little boy who was incredibly angry he had no self-esteem or confidence; he was unable to express how he felt and would hit out verbally and physically. After everything you have done to help him, he is ready to move into the next chapter of his life, senior school. Today is a strong confident boy with heaps of self-esteem. He is ready to fly the nest. This is thanks to you and your amazing team." (Year 6 parent)


"It was a pleasure speaking with Mrs Thornton by phone today regarding my child's progress and hearing so many positives and how well she is doing at school. I am very happy with Mrs Thornton and how well she knows my child's needs." (Year 3 parent)

"My child has been well supported this year and I am kept up-to-date on the interventions he has been receiving." (Year 3 parent)

"Myself and my partner are really pleased with the progress our child is making in his first year at the junior school." (Year 3 parent)

"It was good to have the appointment in June as well as October, when they are just settling into school in October. It is hard to separate what is because of new surroundings or because of my child's extra needs. Getting the reassurance at the end of the year is a great help. Thank you to everyone for their input." (Year 3 parent)

"I have found the support helpful and anything to help settle my child is a benefit to us." (Year 3 parent)

"It's been very helpful and knowledgeable to have meetings individually. Knowing that my child is being understood with his needs in school is a great relief to me and Mrs Thornton has been brilliant with him and the improvement I've seen in my child over the last couple of years is amazing." (Year 6 parent)

"My child has received lots of support from school. We are very happy with this support." (Year 4 parent)

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