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Roles and Responsibilities - 2021

It has been a great start to the new school year with many of the Year 6 children taking on extra roles and responsibilities across the school. We are delighted to have appointed Prefects, Art Leaders, House Captains, Radio DJs and Office Monitors and we look forward to working alongside them as they support the school within their new roles.


Year 6 Cycling Proficiency September 2021


At the start of the term, all year 6 pupils had the opportunity to develop their cycling skills and ability. We were joined by county cycling instructors who spent an hour and a half with each class every day.


Southampton Trip – October 2021

 As part of an exciting geography project, the children visited the city of Southampton. During the trip, they walked the Old Town identifying the geographical features with particular attention paid to the different types of land use. They then carried out a number of surveys and completed questionnaires with the public to help deepen their understanding of the city and how it compares to their local town. The afternoon was then spent enjoying a cruise around Southampton docks where the children furthered their understanding of the importance of the port and its global connections.

Dance Morning – October 2021

As part of their PE curriculum, the Year 6 children enjoyed the opportunity to spend a morning developing their dance understanding and expressing their creativity and skill. The focus of the Dance Day was street dance and the children used inspiration from a range of dance groups to help choreograph a class routine and create their own group dances.

Swimming Lessons – November 2021

 For the second half of the autumn term, the Year 6 children visited the local leisure centre for swimming lessons. They enjoyed the opportunity to develop their swimming skills and confidence in the water.

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