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Roles and Responsibilities - 2022

It has been a great start to the new school year with many of the Year 6 children taking on extra roles and responsibilities across the school. We are delighted to have appointed Prefects, Art Leaders, House Captains, Radio DJs and Office Monitors and we look forward to working alongside them as they support the school within their new roles.


Year 6 Southampton Trip

Year 6 recently travelled to Southampton as part of their current project. The focus was to learn more about the geography of the area, including how the docks work and the importance of it for the city and wider areas. The children used maps to identify whether the land use was historical, commercial or residential. They also conducted a survey with members of the public in order to find out the reasons they were there and their opinions on the importance of Southampton Docks. Year 6 will be producing a variety of data to represent the survey results after they have analysed the surveys. Everyone had a great time and we were fortunate enough to have great weather for the boat tour of the docks.


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