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At Ringwood Junior School we seek to provide valuable and enjoyable creative experiences, where seeing, feeling, thinking and making are combined and children are free to express themselves. This is achieved through a balanced approach in which we cover a range of different mediums and skills and provide a rich variety of artwork and appreciation of different artists, designers and architects.


Success in art can be expressed in many different areas of the curriculum and it is taught through different topics, allowing it to be meaningful and purposeful to the child. We offer all pupils’ equal access to the art curriculum and provide them with the support and guidance that is needed to foster a love for creativity.


Units of Work 

We explore a range of different art forms throughout each unit. This includes drawing, painting, collage, printing, sculpture, textiles and digital art, allowing the children to explore new or existing skills regularly through the use of different mediums.   Our units link to our current history or geography projects, allowing for a deeper and more purposeful experience. The year 6 children then focus their final art, on a project titled ‘Graduation’ with a focus on themselves and their time at Ringwood Junior School.


Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Our Special Place


New Forest





South America








Year 3








Year 4 – The Romans

Inspired by their history project on the Romans the children have been deepening their understanding of art inspired by this ancient era and looking into what of their legacy of art is still used today.  Throughout the project they enjoyed the opportunity to develop their skills in mosaicking, while looking at the famous work of Antoni Gaudi; improve their drawing and printing techniques while looking at Roman coins and also improve their mastery of clay work while using tools to design, sculpt and paint their own clay coins.




Year 5 – Architecture around the World

Using their geography project on South America as their hook, the children explored the beauty in shape, space, texture and colour in the architecture and urban landscape of our world. From sketching famous buildings to creating their own La Favellas collage and city scape digital collages, the children furthered a range of known skills and techniques were learning new art forms too.



Year 6 – Ancient Greeks

Inspired by the legacy of the creative Ancient Greeks, the Year 6 children researched a range of areas such as architecture, pottery, sculpture and painting and discovered how they had been influenced by the work of the ancient Greeks. They then spent time mastering their drawing skills and techniques through close observational drawing and painting work of artefacts, before moving on to focus their study on pottery. Using ceramic artist Lucy Rie as inspiration, they designed and sculpted their own Greek-inspired pots applying the new skills of pinch and coil technique to form their chosen designs.

Year 4 –The Great Wave

Linking to their geography project on water and rivers, the Year 4 children have used the famous print ‘The Great Wave’ by Hokusai as a stimulus for their art project. Exploring how water and movement is shown in art, the children have explored the use of mark making and colour through a range of different mediums, choosing their own focus for their final pieces. 

Year 5 – The New Forest

As part of the Year 5 project, the children enjoyed the opportunity to develop their digital art skills and photography techniques during their school trip to the New Forest.




In response to the artwork of Sarah Pye (an artist who shares her artwork in a local Hampshire gallery) the year 5 children have also been creating their own mixed media pieces. Drawing from a range of art forms (drawing, painting, printing and collage) the children have created nature scenes inspired by their day out in the forest.




Year 6 – Southampton

In Year 6, the children have furthered their drawing skills and techniques through the learning of one-point and two-point perspective. They have then explored and refined this, resulting in a final sketch linked to Southampton or our local town.




In October, Year 6 also enjoyed the experience of observing art first hard when they visited the Southampton Mural on Hamtun Street in the Old Town, Southampton. The mural, which was created by ceramic artists Henry and Joyce Collins, depicted a timeline of the city dating as far back as the Romans. Using this artwork as a stimulus, the children have been busy designing and making their own clay tiles (as part of a class mural) which will depict their local town of Ringwood.






Animal Art Competition

The Year 6 Art Leaders organised an exciting Animal Art competition encouraging all year groups to get involved and share their creativity and skills.

We were delighted to see so many of our talented artists taking part and were very impressed by the different entries across all year groups






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