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At Ringwood Junior School, we believe it is highly important to provide children with engaging learning opportunities in Design and Technology that develop a range of practical skills, whilst nurturing creativity and innovation through designing and making. Our carefully chosen projects allow pupils to investigate, design, make and evaluate a range of ‘real’ products for ‘real’ purposes. This subject is usually taught in blocks so that the children can fully immerse themselves in their projects and see the results of their learning as their work progresses. This gives the children an opportunity to continually evaluate their learning solve problems as they arise.

An appreciation of products and how they are made allows the children to make informed decisions during the planning and development process, whilst practical, hands-on experiences and activities develop skills and understanding of tools and materials. In addition, throughout the process, importantly pupils develop an understanding of how to work safely both for themselves and those around them. Design and Technology also includes developing key food preparation skills, an understanding of where food comes from and its nutritional value. Through Design and Technology, we hope that our pupils not only become discerning and informed customers, but, more importantly, creative problem solvers and potential innovators!


Below is a selection of examples of learning from across the school:

In year 3, the children wrote, designed and created Christmas themed pop-up books that were based on the story 25 December Lane. They explored a range of linkages and levers and ways to make their book interactive, before adding the story and artistic features. These children chose to make Santa’s sleigh move through the sky with a split-pin lever.

In Year 4, the children created nightlights that would help a child get to sleep. These were constructed from a wooden frame which was covered in tissue paper to allow the light to shine through. Having made a switch and circuit, these were carefully attached inside the cube shape. Many of the children chose to give their lamps a Christmas theme! They next used ICT to develop their projects, considering what kind of lighting sequences, colours and speeds would help get a child to sleep. Using Sparkle lights and a Crumble board, the children created and programmed their own lighting sequences.

During the Spring Term, as part of our DT unit we created our own delicious bread rolls. The children had to use skills such as following instructions for a recipe, measuring, kneading and shaping their dough. We then added a variety of sweet and savoury toppings before letting the dough rise and then bake. After waiting patiently, the children saw their finished product and of course they ate a sample, but for some the whole roll was consumed!


One of the Year 6 projects that is particularly exciting is the making of rocket cars! The children began by investigating land speed records and British car designs. They also explored the effects of streamlining on speed and found out which shapes were more aerodynamic. Using this research, the children then created their own designs using foam blocks and rocket power! The cars then competed in a 25m race to see whose design was fastest!

Photos coming soon!

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