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School Ethos Values





















These are the core values which underpin the life and work of the school and the people in it.  They set the culture and ethos for the way we behave and the expectations we have of ourselves and each other.  Our TERRIFIC Values unite us as a community through these shared beliefs.



Working together we can achieve more than on our own. We will work for shared goals by supporting one another, sharing our skills and listening to each other.



Striving for our best at all times and in everything we do, means we can achieve the highest standards of which we are capable in all aspects of school life. Excellence is our goal.



Taking our responsibilities seriously shows we are trustworthy and that we respect others enough not to let them down.



Showing kindness, tolerance and consideration towards others and giving them our attention lets people know we value them.



Getting involved means, contributing our own ideas and being involved in the life and work of our school. We believe being actively involved promotes respect, success for all and a sense of belonging.



Everyone is entitled to have equal opportunities and the right to be treated as an individual. We will try to treat everyone in a fair and consistent manner.



Living up to our personal standards and staying true to our values means people believe in us. We keep our promises.



Persevering and staying focused, helps us to see things through. We will work with determination and drive, giving our full commitment.

Achievement Tree

A leaf award is awarded by a member of staff to a child who is seen to demonstrate any one of the TERRIFIC Values in action.













They are given a certificate in Celebration Assembly to remember the event and a special gold leaf detailing the citation which is added to the Achievement Tree. This will remain all year.


Our TERRIFIC Values are displayed around school.  In the classrooms, the children have created posters showing how these are translated into actions.  Each value is explored in our assemblies and, at the start of every year, we re-confirm our commitment to these values as a whole staff.


School Song

Written and performed by Year 6 pupils

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