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Enquiry based learning allows children to be inquisitive and keen to find out about their local environment and the wider world. Field work is a key part of the Geography curriculum. Pupils find out about Ringwood and the changes that have happened over the past. This gives them a good grounding for their close locality. Pupils study areas in The New Forest across the school as a locally significant place. Pupils learn how their locality links with localities around the world. Pupils have opportunities to explore a wide range of primary and secondary sources and use these to think critically about what they discover and consider different perspectives. They also use a range of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Pupils develop their mapping and locational skills progressively across each year group. Pupils learn about physical processes and how these impact on the landscape around them and around the world.

Key skills are identified by strand and developed through Geography projects.  These are woven through the curriculum projects across the key stage allowing children to build on and consolidate these key skills.



The curriculum design and progression map allow pupils to develop a strong sense of physical progresses, culturual diversity and changing human geography.   Pupils are encouraged to communicate geographical information in a variety of ways, including through oral speaking, writing, numerical and quantitative skills.

Geography lessons are normally taught in weekly lessons covering a project over a period of 6-7 weeks.  Opportunities for cross curricular are encouraged and some English outcomes in particular are linked to Geography projects. Each year group have field work built in to their planning which is then used back in the classroom. Informal geography occurs in assemblies and classrooms focusing on local and world events.


Assessment activities have been created to allow Teachers to assess at the end of each Geography Geography project allowing them to show their understanding of previous learning.

Standards are monitored through learning walks by SLMT and governors, pupil conferencing, and book scrutiny. Where possible team teaching and other coaching opportunities are used.


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