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Reading Initiatives

At Ringwood Junior School, we have implemented many initiatives to promote reading.

Author of the Month

We celebrate the work of authors and illustrators each month. This will be displayed in our school Library and through our school radio.

Get Caught Reading!

We are challenging the children and staff at Ringwood Junior School to ‘Get Caught Reading’ over the holidays. We challenge them to get caught reading a fiction book, non-fiction book, comic, magazine or newspaper in a place that may be special to them, unusual or different in some way.  As evidence, we would like them to be photographed reading their book. Some ideas of places may be cuddled up in bed, in a treehouse, at the dinner table wearing their favourite jumper and so on. The photographs will then be judged and winners revealed.


Reading Passports

Every pupil is given a yellow reading passport in September. In this passport all pupils are encouraged to read 8 texts from a wide range, some are free choice whilst others may come from a year group book list. A certificate will be awarded when the first passport is complete. After this a green passport will then be given, with a book mark being awarded when the second passport is complete. A red passport will then be given, on completion of the third passport a reading book will be awarded.





























Reading Plus and Reading Eggs

At Ringwood Junior School we subscribe to an online reading programme- Reading Plus. This programme supports pupils reading comprehension, reading fluency, reading speed and vocabulary understanding. All pupils are provided with a login for Reading Plus and have a weekly lesson in the computer suite for this. Reading Plus homework is also set.

For our early readers we have Reading Eggs as an online reading programme which supports their reading development before pupils are ready to move to Reading Plus.

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