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Religious Education


Religious education at Ringwood Junior promotes truth, justice and respect for all. Studying Christianity, Islam and Hinduism encourages pupils to learn from different religions, beliefs, values and traditions, while exploring their own beliefs and questions of meaning. By investigating similarities and differences, pupils learn to celebrate diversity.


Religious education encourages pupils to value themselves, their families and their communities. Religious education recognises the changing nature of society, including changes in religious practice and expression, as well as the influence of religion in local, national and global community.

Religious education is not a national curriculum subject, but maintained schools (of which Ringwood Junior is one), must teach it alongside the national curriculum. This applies to children aged 5 to 19 who are in education. Religious education is not assessed through national curriculum tests.

Ringwood Junior School follows Hampshire County Councils syllabus, “The Living Difference.”


The RE syllabus, Living Difference II, has undergone it's five year review and has been re-launched as Living Difference III.  The new syllabus retains all the strengths of the Living Difference approach to RE and is securely based on current educational and religious research as well as ensuring Living Difference III has coherence in relation to the National Curriculum.


Living Difference is an enquiry based approach to learning.  Many of the key features of Living Difference II remain: clear process of enquiry (learning cycle), concepts and progression over the Key stage.  The new syllabus takes into account the move away from levels to age related expectations (ARE).


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