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History learning within Ringwood Junior School

This year has been a fantastic year as we have developed our skills as historians across all the year groups.  Children have relished the opportunity to learn about the new curriculum topics.  History learning across the school has not only developed the children’s sense of chronology but has also encouraged them to think critically, to question and to form theories about what may have happened in the past.


In Year 3 we began our learning in pre-history with the children greatly enjoying finding out about the Stone Age and the Iron Age.  One of the highlights of this fantastic topic was a workshop where the children were able to explore artefacts, dress up in Iron Age clothes and understand more about the Iron Age way of life. The children were keen to understand about other past civilisations and compare them to developments in Britain at the same time.  They were able were able to do so by finding out more about the Ancient Egyptians, where they became tomb detectives – discovering untouched artefacts, solving the mysteries of tomb robbers and becoming experts on the process of mummification.


In Year 4 the children’s journey through time continued as they discovered the legacy of the Ancient Romans and questioned just how great Alfred the Great actually was in their study of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.  The children in Year 4 took part in a Roman Art competition, participating with other local schools in a fantastic afternoon at Rockbourne Roman Villa.

Year 5 have also discovered more about the Maya and many of their fascinating developments such as the calendar and of course the cocoa bean! They have used evidence to question and consider if the Mayan people were so clever what could have happened to end this great civilisation?  Finding out more about the history of their own school has also been a real highlight as they have tried to uncover the past of Ringwood Junior School.




In Year 6 the children have also had the chance to find out more about Ringwood’s history in particular the role the town had during WW1.  Visitors to the school have brought this topic alive for the children as they shared many fascinating facts and stories about The Great War.  They were surprised to discover the role of local women during the war and their work in the hospital and the farm lands of Somerley House.  Exploring artefacts which have survived the trenches was fascinating and have inspired the children in Year 6 to complete investigations of their own finding out more about Ringwood during this time.


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