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Science Subject Overview


In science we have been doing a project on light. We have revisited previous learning on light sources, shadows and how light travels through different materials. Through explanations, questioning, demonstration, video clips, research and practical investigations, we have expanded our learning by investigating how light travels, how we see, how our eyes work, colour and refraction of light. Practical investigations, that could be carried out at home, have greatly enhanced our understanding and interest in this project.





From what I have learnt already I predict that when the arrow goes behind the cup it will go a bit blurry as well as bending from the different angles you look at it from, maybe even duplicating because I have done this at dinner before.


I tried it out and my prediction was correct. It did what I thought it would do so I changed the object to a milk bottle lying down and the lid was lying on the right but when I looked through it in the water it was on the left!


I predict at first you won't be able to see it through the side looking straight but when water starts coming in it will refract allowing me to see the drawing.


This was partially correct the image was able to be seen before the water was poured in but when it was poured in I saw the image stretch. This was what I predicted would happen.

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