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R.E. Subject Overview


In RE, we have been studying the concept of Belonging, and we have been focussing on belonging in the context of Islam. We started by thinking about what belonging means generally, and what it means to us individually. We discussed different groups that we belong to and how it is especially important at the moment that we feel that we belong to a group.

We then learned about the Muslim tradition of Shahada, which is the first of the five pillars of Islam. We discussed how Shahada is important to all Muslims as it helps them to belong to the community. We also thought about what we would whisper to a new born baby.

We finished our work on belonging by learning about another pillar of Islam, Salat, which is all about prayer. We learned about how important prayer is to Muslims, and linked this back to our previous learning about Wudu. We then designed prayer mats.

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