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English Subject Overview


This term we started with our unit of work on Mystery texts, studying, in particular, the work of Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan-Doyle. We were lucky enough to have local author and story teller, Chris Connaughton, join us virtually over two days. On the first day he shared a mystery with us and then we wrote what could happen next. Chris joined us virtually for workshops so we could consider writing techniques such as keeping things hidden but realistic, the use of short sentences and language to build atmosphere. On the second day we shared some of our work with Chris and then he told us the actual ending to the story. Finally, he shared a Sherlock Holmes story and left us with the challenge of writing our own next chapter, which included language inspired by Conan-Doyle.

For our second unit we started by studying the life and times of Shakespeare. We are now finishing this half term with a study of one of his most famous plays- ‘Macbeth’.

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