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English Subject Overview


In English this half term, we have been studying the text ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes to complete a diary entry.

We have read the book from beginning to end, and the children thoroughly enjoyed the story because of all of the twist and turns it had to offer.

We focussed on using similes and metaphors for description and making powerful language choices to excite the reader. We used a thesaurus to do this. This led the children to be really successful when writing as both Hogarth and The Iron Man.

Before writing our diaries, we also made inferences about how different characters would be feeling using show-not-tell sentences. For example, when the Iron Man was trapped in the hole in the ground.

After the Iron Man, we moved on to non-chronological reports. We read and compared lots of non-fiction texts about the Romans and watched videos about them too. We looked at pictures and made inferences about what might be happening and who people were. Using these texts, pictures and videos, we made notes so that we could write our own non-chronological report about The Romans. We found out many exciting facts!

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