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History Subject Overview


Our history focus this half term has been the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  We began by trying to understand just how long ago prehistory was.  We explored a timeline to help us see visually that the Stone Age lasted for a very long time and then discovered that very little change occurred for thousands of years.  We learnt that the Stone Age can be divided in three periods of time Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.

This time in our past is called pre-history as no written records exist.  We used artefacts to help us understand what life in the past may have been like.  Monuments such as Stonehenge remain a mystery to historians too so we undertook some research to help us find out more and we made models. 

We understand how life changed when farming was introduced and Stone Age people settled in once place.  We learnt about the Stone Age village, Skara Brae and by learning about life in the Iron Age we were able to compare what was the same and what was different about life in the Stone Age and the Iron Age way of life.









Year 3 were tasked with researching an artefact from ancient Egypt that they were particularly interested in. Here you can see the results of their hard work.  Well done year 3!

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