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Year 5 Maths Open Morning

Year 5 welcomed lots of mums and dads into our maths lesson for our Open Morning.  Each class investigated various aspects of shape with some tremendous results.  It was lovely to see so many parents coming in to share our maths lesson.  Hopefully, we managed to challenge some of them too! 


The children really enjoyed the opportunity to share their learning with their mums, dads, grans and grandads.  It was lovely to see everybody working busily together.  Thank you to everyone who came along, we hope to see you at our Samba afternoon!  Below are some of the comments from year 5 parents:


















Year 5 Maths Lesson

In maths we have been tackling fractions! One Year 5 class used sandwiches to get to grips with equivalent fractions…















                                                                                                ................................................................................................... (mmh when can we eat them????)








(Josef found slicing sandwiched into equal twelfths was hungry and hard work!!! Luckily Pollyanna was on hand to help out!)


















Ah at last! This was definitely the best part of the maths lesson!!!!






Year 5 Astrodome Visit

Year 5 were inspired, during their science topic on Earth and Space, by the arrival in the school hall of a giant planetarium! The Soton Astrodome, from University Of Southampton, visited school on Tuesday 1st December 2015 and gave pupils the opportunity to explore and learn about the solar system. Physics students, Jo and Mike, shared a short film about travelling to the Moon and used images inside the planetarium to teach pupils about stars and constellations. The session finished with an opportunity for pupils to have their questions answered by the experts.


Year 5 Visit to New Forest

In October, Year 5 visited the Verderer’s Court 

and Museum in Lyndhurst as part of our topic work in Geography.  Year 5 enjoyed role play in the Verderer’s Court making important forestry decisions as real life members of the court would. Whilst in the museum we found out lots of fascinating facts and eagerly searched for different trees that can be found in the forest. 


On Thursday 5th December Sue Palma from the New Forest National Park Authority came into school to teach us more about the New Forest’s three natural habitats. Throughout the day each of our three classes got the opportunity to experience a workshop focusing on one of the three main habitats in the New Forest. 

5RS/JT learnt about the Heathland in the forest. Here we are making connections to create a New Forest eco-system!

We put our artistic skills to the test and made woodland creatures out of pine cones and plasticine.





New Forest Poem


If you’re not from the New Forest

If you’re not from the New Forest, you don’t know the hedgehogs,

You can’t know the hedgehogs,

Hedgehogs whispering in bushes like slithering snakes hissing,

Their jagged spikes daring you to touch them,

 Glinting like a newly polished emerald blade.

Now the hedgehog lays his head finally at bay,

A child of the New Forest is part of the hedgehogs,

If you’re not from the New Forest,

You don’t know the hedgehogs.


If you’re not from the New Forest,

You don’t know the donkeys,

You can’t know the donkeys,

Their luxuriously soft tail whipping from left to right like a whip going through the air,

Hooves as hard as hammers clip clopping like a blind man’s stick tapping on wood,

Their lemon eyes show you even more knowledge than an encyclopaedia,

A child of the New Forest is part of the donkeys ,

If you’re not from the New Forest, 

You don’t know the donkeys.

If you’re not from the New Forest,

You don’t know the trees,

You can’t know the trees,

Their roots are as frim as pieces of rope attached to the Eiffel Tower,

Their leaves move left to right in an everlasting dance,

The daring ants crawling closer but the trees branches whip them away like flies,

The woodlice crawling under the tree bark making it rot and die,

Branches as bony as a witch’s finger,

The children of the New Forest are part of the trees,

If you’re not from the New Forest,

You don’t know the trees,

You can’t know the trees.


If you’re not from the New Forest,

You don’t know the sun,

You can’t know the sun,

Shimmering lasers through dark stormy clouds,

A million stars shining through the jagged branches,

A child of the New Forest is part of the sun,

If you’re not from the New Forest,

You can’t know the sun.


By Charlie Joy 

Year 5 Curriculum Booklet

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