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School Times

8:15            Main gate unlocked.  Pupils allowed into playground.


8:20            Side gate unlocked.  Pupils to filter into class to prepare for the start of the day.


8:30-8:40    Registration starts and early morning activities.


8:40            Side gate locked.  School commences (pupils arriving after the side gate is   locked must report the school office and sign in).


8:45-9:05      Assembly.


9:10-10:10    Lesson One.


10:10-10:30  Morning break.


10:30-11:30   Lesson two.


11:30-12:10   Lesson three.


12:10-13:00  Lunch.


13:00-15:00  Registration / Afternoon school commences.


14:55            Side gate unlocked.


15:00            End of school day.


15:10            Side gate locked.


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